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Shop Manager

Location + Hours:

Northmount- 1031 40th Ave NW

Tues - Sat ................. 10-5

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A Bit About Me

Cadence is a new apprentice at Little Witch Tattoo. She knew at 18 that she wanted to pursue tattooing, but the tattoo world was not as welcoming to young female artists then as it is today. Working as a freelance artist, she developed a flexible creative ability that will be an asset for her work as a tattoo artist. She intends to specialize in custom tattoos, explore new techniques for tattooing melanated skintones, and support young artists pursue their dreams whenever she can. Her personal artwork is a stylized realism with nods to fantasy. And in tattooing, she admires the smooth blends seen in neotraditional, the precision of ornamental, and the technical prowess of portraiture. 


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