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Walk in customs, Color, Floral, Blackwork/Greywash 

Tattoo Pricing + Rates:

Hourly..... $160


- tiny tuesday

-friendship friday

-birthday wheel

Location + Hours:

Northmount- 1031 40th Ave NW

Tues - Sat ................. 10-5

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A Bit About Me

Embark on a journey into the artistry of Laura, a vibrant soul who has graced the tattoo realm for a spellbinding year and a half. Her odyssey began at the Alberta University of the Arts in 2017, where she wove her creative tapestry and earned a Bachelor of Design. Originally drawn to the allure of game design, Laura's destiny took a turn towards the mesmerizing world of tattoos, where she discovered the profound impact art could have on a personal level.

A guardian of nature's wonders and a sorceress of fantasy realms, Laura's artistic palette is as diverse as it is enchanting. From the majestic realism of a tiger's gaze to the whimsical charm of a Pokémon or the fiery breath of a dragon, Laura welcomes every inked adventure with open arms. Her stylistic flexibility knows no bounds, seamlessly dancing between the shadows of blackwork and the vibrant hues of color. Laura's tattooing prowess leans towards the realms of realism and illustrative styles, evoking the essence of sketches and painterly masterpieces.

As you step into Laura's realm, be prepared for an immersive experience where every stroke tells a tale and every design is a chapter in the book of your unique journey. Your skin becomes a canvas, and Laura, the artistic alchemist, transforms your visions into living, breathing art. Surrender to the magic of Laura's ink, where imagination knows no bounds, and every tattoo is a testament to the boundless possibilities of artistry.

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