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Neo-traditional, Anime/ Manga, Cat themes

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Travelling Artist

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From venturing into the untamed landscapes of northern B.C., where Vii, a creative soul, emerges from the wilderness with an unquenchable passion for the arts. Armed with the prestigious accolade of a Bachelor of Design, she transcends the ordinary, delving into the arcane secrets of fantasy illustration and narrative storytelling through immersive master classes. Beyond the canvas, Vii seeks refuge in the digital realms of video games, expresses herself through dance, and paints traditional masterpieces during her moments of repose.

A true virtuoso in the realm of mixed media, Vii revels in the exhilaration of artistic challenges and embraces the exploration of diverse styles. Her fervor for pushing the boundaries of creativity is palpable as she eagerly takes on an array of tattoo projects, each a unique and unforgettable piece of artistry. Brace yourself for an odyssey into the extraordinary with Vii, where every tattoo metamorphoses into a personalized masterpiece—a testament to her limitless creativity and unwavering commitment to expanding the frontiers of art.

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