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Fae + Mushroom folk, fantasy


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Northmount- 1031 40th Ave NW

Tues - Sat ................. 10-5

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A Bit About Me

Embark on a captivating journey with Cadence, one of our newest enchantresses in training at Little Witch Tattoo. From the early age of 18, Cadence felt the magical allure of tattooing calling her name, but in those days, the tattoo realm wasn't as welcoming to aspiring young female artists as it is today. Undeterred, she honed her craft as a freelance artist, cultivating a dynamic and adaptable creative prowess that now becomes her secret weapon in the realm of ink sorcery.

Cadence's vision extends beyond the ordinary; as she sets her sights on specializing in bespoke tattoos, she's on a quest to unearth innovative techniques for inking melanated skin tones, ensuring a diverse and inclusive magical tapestry of art. A staunch advocate for aspiring artists, Cadence carries the torch of mentorship, eager to guide young talents in pursuing their dreams within the mystical world of tattooing.

Her personal artistic signature dances between stylized realism with fantastical undertones, creating an otherworldly ambiance in her work. In the realm of tattooing, Cadence finds inspiration in the seamless blends of neotraditional, the meticulous precision of ornamental designs, and the technical brilliance of portraiture.

Join us in welcoming Cadence, the burgeoning sorceress of ink, as she unveils her magical journey at Little Witch Tattoo, where creativity knows no bounds, and every tattoo tells a spellbinding tale.

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