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Black & Grey, Realism, Neo-Traditional, illustration

Tattoo Pricing + Rates:

Hourly: $120

Flat Rate Available

Location + Hours:

Northmount- 1031 40th Ave NW

A Bit About Me

In the realm of ink and artistic expression, Ana emerges as a captivating force, weaving tales of magic and mystique on the canvas of human skin. As a burgeoning junior tattoo artist, Ana's journey is a tapestry of creativity, forged in the fires of passion for the extraordinary.

Raised amidst the whispers of ancient artistry and fueled by an insatiable curiosity, Ana's fascination with the world of tattoos began as a mere spark, growing into a mesmerizing blaze of artistic prowess. Her hands, guided by an unseen muse, dance with the precision of a sorceress, translating dreams into intricate designs.

With a penchant for the fantastical, Ana's portfolio boasts an enchanting array of celestial wonders, mythical creatures, and otherworldly landscapes. Her tattoo machine is not just a tool but a conduit for the ethereal energies that flow through her imagination. Each stroke is a spell, and every piece tells a story of magic waiting to be unveiled.

Within the sacred walls of her studio, Ana transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Her space is a sanctuary where clients embark on a journey into realms unknown, guided by the promise of an enchanting experience. The hum of her tattoo machine echoes the melody of ancient incantations, turning the mundane into the extraordinary.

Ana, the Jr. Tattoo Enchantress, continues to explore the depths of her craft, merging the timeless traditions of tattooing with her contemporary touch. Her art is a fusion of history and fantasy, leaving an indelible mark on those who dare to step into her captivating world. Allow Ana's bewitching artistry to unravel the mysteries of your soul, one stroke at a time.

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