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Neo-traditional, Big Bold Lines, Huge Color, Illustration

Tattoo Pricing + Rates:

Hourly..... $120

Location + Hours:

Travelling Artist

A Bit About Me

Introducing Josh, the pixelated prodigy and inked-up gamer extraordinaire, hailing from the rad vibes of the '90s. With a controller in one hand and a tattoo machine in the other, Josh is the ultimate maestro of nostalgia and pixelated prowess.

Having leveled up in the tattooing realm, Josh's journey mirrors the epic quests of classic video games. He doesn't just ink; he crafts pixel-perfect adventures on the canvas of your skin. His studio is a time capsule, transporting you back to the glory days of pixel art, where every tattoo tells a story, and each design is a power-up for your personal style.

From iconic gaming characters to retro landscapes, Josh's inked creations are a tribute to the golden era of 8-bit and beyond. Walk into Josh's gaming haven, where the soundtrack is a symphony of '90s beats, and the inked pixels come to life. No need for mundane bios; let the retro vibes and inked narratives level up your tattoo experience.

For those seeking a tattoo journey with a blast from the past, Josh isn't just a tattoo artist; he's a living, breathing cartridge of '90s coolness, ready to insert a dose of nostalgia into the canvas of your skin. Game on!

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