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Blackwork Illustration

Tattoo Pricing + Rates:


$200 minimum


- tiny tuesday

-friendship friday

-birthday wheel

Location + Hours:

Northmount- 1031 40th Ave NW

Mon-Fri ................. 10-5

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A Bit About Me

Meet Kenzie, the paradoxical maestro of ink whose coolness surpasses the bounds of conventional bios. In the realm of tattooing, Kenzie is more than an artist; they are a vibe, an enigma shrouded in the mystique of their craft.

Coolness isn't a descriptor for Kenzie; it's a lifestyle. With a rebellious spirit and an artistic flair that defies explanation, Kenzie navigates the world of ink with an effortless nonchalance. Every stroke, every design is a testament to a vibe that transcends the ordinary.

Born from the fusion of artistry and cool, Kenzie's tattoos are not just ink on skin; they're statements, conversations, and whispers of a laid-back existence. Minimalist masterpieces, abstract wonders, or bold expressions of individuality—Kenzie's art is a mirror to the coolness that resides within.

Step into Kenzie's studio, where the atmosphere is as chill as the artist. No need for lengthy bios; the ink speaks volumes, and the coolness permeates every corner. For those seeking a tattoo experience that goes beyond the ordinary, Kenzie is not just an artist; they are an embodiment of the too-cool-for-a-bio essence.

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