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Ornamental Blackwork Caligrafitti


Tattoo Pricing + Rates:

$40+ an hour

Location + Hours:

Northmount- 1031 40th Ave NW

Tues - Sat ................. 10-5

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A Bit About Me

Embark on a bewitching journey with our newest apprentice, Colby, affectionately known as "Fish" in our enchanting coven of ink sorcery. Emerging from the mystical realms of artistic passion, Colby surfaces to join our circle as an apprentice, ready to unravel the secrets of the witchy tattoo craft.

In our magical atelier, Colby brings a cauldron full of enthusiasm and an eager spirit, poised to absorb the arcane arts of tattooing. Like a fledgling witch honing her magical prowess, she is prepared to explore diverse styles and techniques, casting spells with each stroke of the needle.

Colby's journey unfolds like ancient grimoires, filled with potential and mystical growth. Guided by seasoned mentors, she delves into the depths of tattoo artistry, channeling her artistic finesse into spellbinding creations. Beyond the mundane, Colby's dedication and passion conjure an aura of excitement within our witchy studio.

So, join Colby, the newest apprentice in our magical coven, as she navigates the spellbinding world of ink, leaving an enchanting trail with every bewitched design. The cauldron of tattoo artistry awaits, and with Colby, the magic is bound to intensify. Welcome to the coven, Fish!

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