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Tattoo Artist

Hiring Professional Tattoo Artists

Passionate Artists.

Join the Family and Rediscover Your Confidence

A Studio for Artists to be Artists

Our Environment

We are ACTUALLY a family dynamic and oriented studio with events and shop functions regularly. We are a for artist shop that helps to build and promote its artists. We are a no drama zone, and artists will not be allowed to stay if they negatively effect the energy within the shop. We like to create art together and have fun doing it!


Our Goals

Connecting with the community and promoting a strong support for our artists is something we strive for. Our studio listens to its crew members and employs policies and artist health protocols (like morning yoga + stretching) to ensure proper care is being taken of our artists.


Modernizing the Industry

We aim to ensure our artists receive the highest and most competitive rates in the city and always having access to the best and latest products on the market, both for our artists and clients. Progressing into technology to aid in online marketing and bookings, as well as communicating with our clients and keeping track of records in an organized way. Plus we are always creating fun events for our fellow artists to join us at to be able to make a more positive impact on each other!

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