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Raven Wrathmore

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Senior Artist


Stickers, Spooky, Black + Grey, Portraiture, Illustration


Tattoo Pricing + Rates:

Flat Rate..... $100+

Stickers..... $400-$650-$800

Portraits..... $500-$850-$1200+

Spooky/ Lrg Illustration...... $850+

Ribs/Sternum/Feet...... $220/hr

Location + Hours:

Northmount- 1031 40th Ave NW

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri................. 11-3

Evenings or Weekends (special rate $250/hr)

A Bit About Me

Raven Wrathmore has been in the industry for 6 years now and specializes in Stickers, Black and Gray, Illustration, Portraiture, and Spooky designs. She has also found a new love for sticker tattoos and full vibrant color. Raven is a Multi-Award winning artist in Black and Grey, Banger, Best of Day + more.....  and enjoys traveling throughout the world to create and share her artwork. Living and working in Calgary Alberta Canada, Raven has just opened her very own tattoo shop, Little Witch Tattoo, and cannot wait to stab you.