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Every Tuesday.... *artists may vary*

$85 Tiny Tattooesdays

Tiny Tattooesday: Celebrating Miniature Ink Masterpieces

Welcome to "Tiny Tattoosday," an exclusive celebration of small, intricate ink masterpieces that pack a punch! This event is designed for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and elegance in their tattoos. Let's delve into

What "Tiny Tattoosday" involves:

Date and Occurrence: Tiny Tattoosday is a weekly event that takes place every Tuesday. It's the perfect midweek treat for individuals seeking a small yet meaningful addition to their collection of body art.

Special Promotions: On Tiny Tattoosday, participating

artists often introduce special promotions exclusively for small tattoos. This may include discounted rates, bundled packages, or complimentary add-ons for those opting for tiny designs Starting at $85 + fees.

Focus on Miniature Art: Tiny Tattoosday revolves around the concept of embracing the charm and allure of miniature art. Artists showcase their skills in creating detailed, compact designs that make a statement without taking up much space.

Popular Themes: While the themes for tiny tattoos are diverse, popular choices often include symbols, initials, simple floral designs, animals, and other minimalist elements. Clients can explore a variety of options that align with their personal style and preferences.

Quick and Efficient Sessions: Tiny Tattoosday is known for its efficiency. The smaller size of these tattoos allows for quicker sessions, making it an ideal choice for those with busy schedules or those looking to dip their toes into the world of tattoos for the first time.

Social Media Sharing: Clients are encouraged to share their Tiny Tattoosday experiences on social media using the event's hashtag. This creates a sense of community and allows others to admire and draw inspiration from the diverse array of tiny tattoos.

Inclusive and Accessible: One of the key features of Tiny Tattoosday is its accessibility. The event welcomes both seasoned tattoo enthusiasts and those looking to experience the art form for the first time. The focus on smaller designs ensures that tattoos are approachable for everyone.

How to Participate: To participate in Tiny Tattoosday, individuals can reach out to the shop or participating artists offering this event. Check their social media pages or website for announcements on featured designs, promotions, and any appointment requirements.

Remember, Tiny Tattoosday is all about celebrating the beauty of small-scale art and making the tattoo experience enjoyable, accessible, and meaningful. So, if you're considering a tiny but impactful addition to your ink collection, join the Tiny Tattoosday community and let your creativity shine!

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Every Friday.... *artists may vary*


Friendship Fridays: Share the Ink, Share the Savings!

Welcome to "Friendship Fridays," where camaraderie meets creativity, and your shared tattoo experience becomes even more delightful! Let's explore what

Friendship Fridays entail:

**Date and Occurrence:**
Friendship Fridays are a weekly celebration, taking place every Friday. It's the perfect opportunity for friends to bond over a shared tattoo experience while enjoying an exclusive discount.

**Special Discount Offer:**
On Friendship Fridays, participating tattoo studios and artists extend a special 10% discount to clients who come in pairs or groups of two or more. This exclusive offer is a fantastic way to celebrate the bond of friendship through the art of tattoos.

**Bring a Friend, Save Together:**
The concept is simple—bring a friend, and both of you enjoy a 10% discount on your respective tattoos. Whether it's a shared design, matching symbols, or individual choices, Friendship Fridays make the tattoo experience even more enjoyable when shared with a buddy.

**Group Ink Sessions:**
For those seeking a unique bonding experience, Friendship Fridays offer the perfect opportunity for group ink sessions. Friends can choose complementary designs, themed tattoos, or simply enjoy the shared atmosphere of the studio.

**Themes and Ideas:**
Friendship Fridays embrace a range of tattoo themes. Whether it's symbols that represent friendship, matching elements, or entirely individual choices, the creativity knows no bounds. It's a chance for friends to express their unique styles while enjoying the process together.

**Capture the Moment:**
Clients are encouraged to capture and share their Friendship Friday experiences on social media using the dedicated hashtag. This not only adds to the celebratory atmosphere but also allows others to join in the excitement and consider their own Friendship Friday tattoo adventure.

**Inclusive and Welcoming:**
Friendship Fridays are designed to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone. Whether you're a seasoned tattoo enthusiast or someone getting inked for the first time, the shared experience of Friendship Fridays makes the process even more enjoyable.

**How to Participate:**
To partake in Friendship Fridays, simply grab a friend and head to your local tattoo studio participating in this event. Check their announcements on social media or website for details on the discount offer and any additional thematic elements they may introduce.

Friendship Fridays are all about celebrating the beauty of shared experiences, creating lasting memories, and enjoying the art of tattoos with friends. So, gather your pals, explore your creative sides, and let Friendship Fridays be a memorable chapter in your tattoo journey!

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Loyalty Points Program

These loyalty points can be redeemed towards in-studio purchases and discounts.

Point Accumulation:

   - Points are based on the cost of the tattoo, with a certain number of points awarded per dollar spent.

Redemption Options:
   - Accumulated points can be redeemed for various rewards.
   - Common redemption options include discounts on future tattoos, free aftercare products, exclusive merchandise, or priority booking and more

Bonus Points Promotions:
   -Promotions where clients can earn bonus points during specific events or promotions.
   - For example, double points during the client's birthday month or special promotions like "Triple Points Tuesdays."


Referral Points:
   - Reward clients for referring new customers.
   - Bonus points offered for both the existing client and the referred friend after the friend completes their first tattoo session.

Easy Tracking:
   - Utilize a digital system for tracking and managing loyalty points.
   - Clients should have access to their point balance through an online portal, app, or in-person at the shop.

Anniversary Rewards:
   - Recognize and reward clients on their loyalty program anniversary.
   - Offered: bonus points, exclusive gifts, or discounts to celebrate their continued support.....

Limited-Time Promotions:
   - Limited-time promotions where clients can earn extra points for specific actions.
   - For example, leaving a positive review, sharing a photo of their tattoo on social media, or participating in themed events.

Exclusive Events:
   - Access to exclusive events or early access to flash tattoo sales for loyal customers.




Birthday Bonus Wheel Extravaganza: Spin, Win, and Celebrate!

Get ready to spin into the joyous world of the "Birthday Bonus Wheel," where every turn is a celebration, and surprises await! Let's delve into the excitement of this special birthday treat:

**Date and Occurrence:**
The Birthday Bonus Wheel is a delightful treat that takes place on the client's birthday or during the birthday month. It's a personalized celebration, making your special day at the tattoo studio even more memorable.

**Spin and Win:**
Upon arrival, clients get the chance to spin the Birthday Bonus Wheel, unveiling a range of exciting prizes. Each spin is a surprise, and the anticipation adds an extra layer of fun to the birthday experience.

**Prizes Galore:**
The Birthday Bonus Wheel is filled with a variety of prizes to make your day even more special. Prizes may include:
- Percentage discounts on your tattoo.
- Gift cards for future tattoo sessions or studio merchandise.
- Sweet treats and candy to indulge your sweet tooth.
- Complimentary aftercare products for your new ink.
- Exclusive studio merchandise or limited-edition items and more..........

**Capture the Moments:**
Clients are encouraged to capture the excitement of their Birthday Bonus Wheel experience. Share the joy on social media using the designated birthday hashtag, creating a digital scrapbook of your special day at the studio.

**Inclusive and Memorable:**
The Birthday Bonus Wheel celebration is inclusive, welcoming everyone to join in the birthday fun. Whether you're a regular client or visiting for the first time, your birthday is a reason to celebrate, and the wheel adds an extra layer of excitement to your tattoo experience.

**How to Participate:**
To partake in the Birthday Bonus Wheel celebration, simply schedule your tattoo session during your birthday month. Upon arrival, you'll be invited to spin the wheel and uncover your personalized birthday surprises. Check with your local tattoo studio for specific details and any additional birthday-themed offerings.

The Birthday Bonus Wheel is all about turning your special day into an unforgettable celebration. So, spin, win, and let the joyous vibes of the wheel enhance your birthday tattoo experience!

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