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Your tattoo will take approximately 3 weeks to heal (although everyone heals at different speeds). For best results, please follow the instructions listed above. If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the inquiry on the home page. 

The First Day

Leave the second skin bandage ( Z Wrap or Shield) on for at least 24 hours. Try to keep it on for initially 2 days, then 4-6 days if given a second sheet. 
(Only remove bandage early if skin feels irritated/uncomfortable, and immediately wash tattoo after removal)

Start by warming a cloth towel with water to a temperature to which you can stand the heat. Leave it on like a temporary tattoo for about 5-10 mins.

Remove the loosened bandage in the shower, and gently wash with unscented soap. Air dry as much as possible. Pat to dry if still wet. Reapply a second bandage if given. 

Healing Process

After 24 hours of bandage removal, keep an eye for peeling or scabbing.

Apply moisturizer/ unscented lotion ( I recommend AfterInked) once a day IF needed. (Apply in dime sized amounts. Do not over moisturize)

Do NOT pick or scratch at your healing tattoo. (It will get itchy!)

Keep your tattoo as dry as you can while healing. Showering is totally fine, just don’t soak or scrub it. No baths. No swimming. No jacuzzi’s. 

Special Attention

Stay out of the sun while your tattoo is healing. NO tanning.


*Do NOT apply sunscreen on a healing tattoo*

(however, using sunscreen once the tattoo is healed is an excellent way to keep the tattoo looking fresh! The sun will damage/fade your tattoo over the years, so the more sunscreen, the better!)

Do not re-bandage the tattoo while its healing.


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