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Free Tattoos for a YEAR

Clues will be given out at our location at 11am on Aug 14th until close. Clues will still be available in studio until prize is found. 

This year's game will be structured differently. All the clues will be given at the same time. You can figure them out in any order. But you must follow the rules or you will not win and will have to continue the game. 

Teams are allowed (shared prize) but must travel to all locations together, and be in each photo. At each location, snap a pic of your group each spot and send it via dm to @theinkhunt.

There are a total of 13 clues. They are meant to be VERY hard. THIS HUNT IS MEANT TO LAST MORE THAN A DAY!!

Here is last years winner, and her current tattoo progress: (Left arm sleeve)


What's at the end of the HUNT??

You will dm @theinkhunt all of you clue locations with pictures. The first group or soloist to correctly identify each clue will win the prize. 

* Bonus*

1 month may be given away to a friend or family member, but only 1.

A group cannot stack multiple months onto a single friend. 

Orange Yellow Creative Illustration Feast Of Fear Halloween Party Announcement Poster.png


Please be respectful of all sites and environments around you that this events takes place in or around.

All clues are meant to be as inclusive to both walking (if you dare), transit + driving bodies as possible, but again, this won't be easy.

Again, teams are allowed, but you will have to share the prize. Tattoos will be done by Raven and will be limited to 2 hours per session, with 1 session per month. $4000+ value. This can be individual pieces, or working towards completing a larger piece.

All clue locations will be in a safe spot, they will never be in an immediately dangerous area.

(ex. Last year a clue was taped to a rock near the river, next to the pathway above, not near the water base.)

You must follow the following 3 accounts:



Must take pics at each spot, WITH EVERYONE IN YOUR GROUP, or you won't win! You will dm @theinkhunt all of you clue locations with pictures.



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